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Can I send duplicate contract notes to anyone?

Yes, you can send copy contract notes to any third party or person of your choice in the UK; this does not need to be your employer.

To activate the service, you will need to log in to your online account or go back to your account summary. From here select 'Profiles' from the top of the page and then 'Preference Centre'. Select ‘Duplicate trade confirmations‘ and you can then add the name and address of your chosen third party.

Once you’ve added the details, you will receive a message to show that this has been successful and the service will be activated automatically. We’ll then send a covering letter to them as well as a daily copy of your recent ‘transactions’ or ‘trades’.  If you haven’t made any changes to your investments, then we won’t send anything. You can deactivate the service at any time, using the toggle off bar on the same page.