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Can I change my investments?

Yes, you can change your investments at any time as outlined below.

Fund investments

You can move money from one fund to another through switching. Similarly, you can move money to and from cash at any time. Switch transactions will normally be processed over the course of two consecutive days, although this may be longer in some cases. We don’t charge you a switching fee, although it’s possible that a fund manager will make a one-off charge.

Please note: if you switch out of a fund that’s part of a regular withdrawal plan, you’ll need to adjust your plan. The amount you receive may be reduced – or no payment may be made at all – if you don’t make any necessary alterations.

Exchange traded instruments

While switching is not available for exchange traded instruments like shares, you can place separate sell and buy instructions online. For ETFs and investment trusts, you can place orders by phone (although phone dealing charges are much higher than online).