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How do I open a Charity account?

You should complete a paper Company application form.

We also need:

Confirmation of identity for all trustees or officers of the Charity. Where there is a substantial number of trustees or officers (e.g. above 5), we will accept a list of people with day to day operational control signed by one of the trustees or officers and need to verify these individuals. We still need names and DOBs for all trustees or officers.

If the Charity is set up as a trust and the settlor is alive, we need to verify them.  If there is a significant donor and they are still alive, we need to verify them.

If not provided in other documentation, we need the position of the person(s) who sign the application form.
We need a board resolution or equivalent detailing the powers/authority of each of the authorised signatories.  We additionally need a signatory list with names and specimen signatures.  For some Charities, this could be the same document, either a board resolution or signatory list, but must fulfil both requirements: specific powers/authority and specimen signatures.

A completed Entity self-certification form.

If the Charity is established by a trust, a certified copy of the trust deed.
If the Charity is incorporated, the Companies House registration number.
Payment in the form of a cheque or a bank transfer. We can accept payment from any of the trustees, a settlor, the trust bank account or the client account of a solicitor acting for the trust.
If a charity client would like to invest in SICAVs, please contact us for the appropriate form.

We will check the Charity's registration on the appropriate register. All Charity Commission documents and returns must be up to date. In some cases, we may need further information before we set up the account.

When we set up the account, we will do so in the name of the Charity.

The relevant forms can be found here.