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How do I open a company account?

You should complete a paper Company application form, signed by at least two of the Company's authorised signatories.

We also need:

The names and DOBs of all directors and Chairperson/CEO/CFO.  We need the name and position of the people who sign the application form and will cross reference authority to act, see below requirement.  This information can be sent by letter on company letterhead.

We need to verify shareholders who own more that 25%.  Where there is no shareholder with more that 25%, we need to verify the Senior Management Officials for the company, a list of names can be sent by letter on company letterhead with standard confirmation of identity for each.

We need a board resolution or equivalent detailing the authority to act of each of the authorised signatories.  We additionally need a signatory list with names and specimen signatures.  For some companies, this could be the same document, either a board resolution or signatory list, but must fulfil both requirements: specific powers/authority and specimen signatures.

We need a completed Entity self-certification form.

If a corporate client would like to invest in SICAVs, please contact us for the appropriate form. In some cases, we may need further information, such as articles of association or a certificate of incorporation, before we set up the account.

When we set up the account, we will do so in the name of the Company as it is registered with Companies House.

All of the required forms can be found here.