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What is a Cash Management Account?

Your Cash Management Account is a separate account that helps manage cash across a portfolio, pay fees efficiently where possible and provides a place to keep cash when you have yet to decide into which account you would like to invest.

Customers with tax-wrapped investments can protect their ISA and SIPP investments by paying service fees from separate cash holdings, without affecting those tax benefits. As long as the balance in the Cash Management Account is sufficient, you won’t need to pay fees from your SIPP or ISA account again.

The Cash Management Account also gives you the ability to freely move cash around from one account to another, or simply to keep it as cash. If you want to invest the cash within your Cash Management Account, you will need to move it to the account you want your investments to be held in (ISA, Investment Account or SIPP).

Cash Management Accounts are opened automatically for individual customers, you do not need to request for one to be opened.

We have a 'How to add cash or move money to and from a Cash Management Account' guide available to help you through the different processes.