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What is a Stocks and Shares ISA?

A stocks and shares ISA is a tax-efficient way of saving. In the current tax year, it is possible to pay up to £20,000 into a stocks and shares ISA. You can decide for yourself how your money is invested and you will not have to pay UK Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax on your ISA savings.

With a stocks and shares ISA you have a wide variety of investments to choose from. This makes it different from a cash ISA, which is more like a savings or deposit account. The idea of a stocks and shares ISA is that by choosing investments with more potential for growth – such as managed funds or company shares – you may be able to beat the interest rates you would have with a savings account. On the other hand, it’s important to remember that the value of investments can go down as well as up, so you may get back less than you pay in.

With a Fidelity Stocks and Shares ISA you can choose from thousands of funds, shares, exchanged-traded funds and investment trusts. To help you choose investments for your ISA, we offer planning tools and guidance from our in-house experts. You can invest with a lump sum or through a regular savings plan.

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