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What charges are set by the company managing my funds?

You can read more about these charges on the fund factsheet or the key information document for each specific investment, but as a general guide to fund charges:

  • Ongoing fund charges vary significantly depending on how the fund is managed and includes the ongoing charges figure and ongoing transaction costs, which covers the day to day management and trading activity within the fund.
  • Some funds are dual-priced, which means they have a bid-offer spread, which is the difference between the sell price and the buy price of the fund. 
  • Some funds may have a performance fee which is charged by a fund manager based on how the fund performs.
  • Some fund managers levy charges (known as Fund Manager’s Buy Charge and Fund Manager’s Sell Charge) for buying into the investment and/or selling out of the investment. These charges are typically to protect existing investors from the trading costs of other investors.