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What are the Fidelity ISA transfer rules?

Transferring a cash ISA to us

Your ISA will be moved into your Fidelity ISA as cash, which you can then choose to invest how you wish. If you selected cash ISA, but are actually transferring a stocks and shares ISA, this may result in your investments being sold.

Transferring a stocks and shares ISA to us

If we offer the same investments you currently have, they will be transferred to Fidelity as they are. Where we do not offer the same ones - those investments will be sold and moved to your Fidelity ISA as cash, to preserve the tax benefits. You can then invest that cash how you wish.

When moving an ISA to Fidelity you have to move all the investments held within it, whether it is the current tax year, previous tax years or both.

Please note that we currently do not offer the facility to transfer in Junior ISAs.

For more information you can refer to our Moving your investments to Fidelity guide.

Fidelity will cover exit fees up to £500 for investments that are moved to us and held directly through our Personal Investing service (T&Cs and exclusions apply. Please read them carefully here.)

Transferring a Fidelity ISA to a new provider

If you want to transfer your Fidelity ISA or Junior ISA elsewhere, you will need to contact the new provider directly who will then arrange the transfer on your behalf. Please note, you will need to transfer the whole account in this process. Fidelity does not charge any exit fees for transferring your investments.